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Mar 7, 2014

It's Been AGES!!!


Just want to express my sadness here. My dogs, Tasuki and Whiskey just died last November due to an epidemic. I really miss them so much! :(

I have no picture of Whiskey, but I can tell you that he is a small dog, energetic, and very alert. Wish I could have them again.

By the way, Miming is VEEEEEERRYY BIG now, his face got fat after I came home after being away for 6 mos. I was shocked how fat his face became, he was now staying home after the two dogs died (I bet he did not like them).


When he was just a pup, didn't want to sleep alone, so I just put him in front of me while I was playing.

The two used to sleep with me, but Miming is so strict he doesn't want Tasuki near him.

Sleeping monster.

New adopted Cat.

The other adopted, he's the sweetest.

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