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Mar 31, 2012


Hello there! It's been a while since I last updated about miming...

Well, now she's, oh no, HE'S a grown up,, YUP! HE IS!

I really thought all these times that I'm having a little girl, but surprisingly, I'm having a little man now! I was really shocked that his her his thingy went out when he was licking. :(

I'm having a boy right now... but it's still ok, I still love her him...

We're getting closer and closer, and funnier and funnier, and happier and happier, and better and better... Hope this will be forever, I'm in love with my miming... :P

And another thing, thanks for voting us in the The Cat Photo Club.. It was really another big surprise, it was our first time joining in this kind of events, not the winner, but at least we're ranked 2nd... Thanks again guys!



Mar 4, 2012

Bored? Found Something to Laugh at!

 These are some pictures I found when I was bored and went viewing random pics at a site. I found these cat pictures cute and funny, I don't know who are the owners of this, I just love this...

Mar 2, 2012


Dear Miming,

I'm sorry if I haven't made posts these days. I was so busy with my work and whenever I wanted to, I always got caught speechless, no ideas come in my mind. A picture will be more expressive than words, but it's a hassle for me to take pictures and upload them everyday, see, I don't have any cameras, and my phone only transfers the picture to other phones with memory card and then memory card to a card reader... and also, the quality of the pictures isn't good.

I would love to post pictures of you everyday, but I still don't have the budget to buy a new camera, my money is intended for my school. But I would buy soon for you my miming.

Hope you would understand me.

Your mommy,