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Jan 27, 2012

The Young and The Cute

These are her pics when she was still a weeks in home. I just took picture of her from a phone, the quality is not good, I've no camera, we're just poor :)

I always love to put her in my lap while watching TV shows.


Her sleeping with my mother

Jan 24, 2012

The Day

It was about 2 days since I've been hearing a kitten crying. I could not locate where it is, but I really can hear it's just near. After hearing the cries for 2 days, I decided to look for it. I went to the back of our house, at a space where only 2 men can fit, crawled down our dirty kitchen, and heard the louder cry. She was there, under a pipe, just hiding from us to find her.

I asked someone to get a flash light, I pointed the light to her, at saw a cute white kitten, afraid. I asked again someone to get a food, to lure her, but she just doesn't want to come out. I walked away and hid, mimicked the sound of a cat, she then slowly got out her hiding place and ran towards my brother. After seeing him, she was frightened and quickly went back to hiding. Again, I cried and got her attention. 

My brother quickly grab her, put her into "custody"...but that didn't went out easy. She was still frightened and was always running away, so we let her, but after a few times, she came back and hid down on our old washing machine. I offered her food, but she didn't gave attention to it, so I just left her there and thought maybe she still can't eat it, 'cause she was still only a tiny kitten,maybe 2 weeks old.

Days pass, she started to come out, but still doesn't want strangers to touch her, went to our eating place hiding.

Then, one day, she started to let me cuddle her head, I then got something she could play to. She was also amazed with it, and played with it for the first time.

After it, we then became friends, I was really having time of her, always missing her whenever I travel, and always finds happiness in her.

Jan 23, 2012

And There She Was

Hello there bloggers, you're probably thinking right now what this blog is all about, well, there are no huge issues or things going to be tackled in here. This is my personal blog, may be OUR personal blog... with whom? With my miming, yes, she and I are going to make this blog.

So who's miming anyway?

She is a cute, loving, naughty cat, always the one who makes me happy, always makes my day. She doesn't have any special breed, she's only a stray cat, but a very special one for me. White, with a black tail end, gray eyes. She always love to play, especially biting my hands, but most of the time, asleep.

That's just a part of my miming, I'll make posts again soon.